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Supplements for Weight Gain for Men

Today we will talk with you about what supplements can be used to weight gain for a man. At this stage, you and I must understand that the key action of gaining quality mass, and not fat, will be proper nutrition. Training without adequate nutrition does not make any sense, and supplements, I will tell you, do not work well if you abuse alcohol, and tobacco, eat poorly and sleep. 

The second most important factor influencing weight gain is sleep. Inadequate or short sleep, constant lack of sleep will not bring you the desired result. Well, the third factor that needs to be eliminated is bad habits. Here I think everyone knows perfectly well what they lead to. Now we are moving on to supplements that will help, but not replace proper nutrition, for a man to weight gain!

Sports supplements for weight gain for men

Now we will go through the supplements that, with adequate nutrition and proper training, give a very good result. We will not study in detail with you, but I will leave you links, and if you want to expand your knowledge, follow the link! We collect the most verified and working information for you.

Creatine for mass gain

Creatine is one of the most popular types of sports nutrition. This is a biological product of natural origin. Athletes take creatine to gain muscle mass, improve metabolic processes in the body, as well as increase strength and endurance. Creatine is an important element involved in the formation of energy necessary for muscle contraction.

How creatine works

Creatine has a unique composition and properties. How does it work?

Once in the body, creatine promotes intense saturation of muscle fibers, after which the substance begins to transform into creatine phosphate. This modification of the substance contributes to the formation in the athlete’s body of ATP – adenosine triphosphate amino acid, which stores energy. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are processed into ATP molecules while releasing energy.

ATP reserves during intensive training do not last long. When they are depleted, creatine comes to the rescue. It promotes the synthesis of new ATP molecules and their accumulation, which increases muscle power and strength, and the athlete can lift more weights and do more sets. Therefore, taking creatine as a sports supplement in the diet will help you achieve the desired result in half the time. And with a deficiency of a substance in the body, the athlete quickly weakens and exhales.

In addition, creatine helps to neutralize the acids that are synthesized in the body during exercise, thereby reducing fatigue. Also, this substance stimulates the flow of fluid to the muscles, due to which they become more voluminous and form an attractive body relief.

Like any other type of sports nutrition, creatine comes in several forms. We list the most popular forms of release among athletes:

Creatine monohydrate. It is used to increase endurance and strength. It is also the ideal creatine for mass weight gain. The supplement consists of creatine and water microparticles. Available in powder, tablet, and capsule form.

Krealkalin. Instead of microparticles of water in the composition of alkali. According to experts, this enhances the action of creatine by neutralizing the acidic environment of the stomach.

Creatine malate. In addition to creatine monohydrate, it contains malic acid. It dissolves well in water. Improves endurance performance.

Whey Protein to Improve Muscle Growth

Some people are convinced that the only way to gain mass is to eat tons of carbs. But in the world of bodybuilding and weightlifting, everyone has long known that lean muscle mass cannot be gained without consuming a lot of high-quality protein. In this regard, whey protein is the real king among other supplements.

Whey protein is an extremely fast-digesting, bioavailable form of protein. It has been repeatedly proven to have a much greater effect on stimulating and enhancing muscle growth than other protein sources such as casein, soy, and beef.

How much protein do you need per day to build muscle?

The daily rate of protein intake of an ordinary person should be 1 – 1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight. For those who want to build muscle fibers, it is necessary to consume 2-3 g of protein per 1 kg of weight. For example, if the body weight is 80 kg, then the daily norm for an athlete is 160 g per day. 

It is not recommended to consume a large amount of protein at one time. Stretch your protein intake throughout the day. Approximately, 50-60 g of protein is consumed at a time for best absorption. To make it easy to control the portion, protein manufacturers put a special 30g scoop in the jar.

Essential amino acids to enhance anabolism

Amino acids can be taken to increase muscle mass and strength, improve cognition, or have an anti-stress effect. Previously, a person received amino acids exclusively from food. Now the need for them can be partially replenished with the help of supplements.

By itself, consuming enough protein during strength training plays an important role in achieving meaningful results. However, research shows that the better trained you are, the more your body cycles between periods of anabolism (muscle building) and catabolism (muscle breakdown). 

By consuming the right amount of protein, combined with beneficial essential amino acids during the anabolic window, you will provide your muscles with an additional incentive for maximum growth.

Among other things, many studies show that the consumption of amino acids in combination with protein before training enhances the body’s anabolic response to exercise. 

Again, in this case, a hearty vanilla protein shake, no matter how tasty or healthy, will not provide you with enough amino acids, and if consumed in excess, it can even negatively affect the intensity of the workout. Therefore, before training, it is better to take essential amino acids in the form of a supplement.

  • Also included in this category are BCAAs – individual amino acids.
  • It is a blend of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.

Leucine in muscle protein synthesis activates anabolic processes. Protects muscle fibers from destruction during intense physical exertion. It enhances the synthesis of insulin and reduces the breakdown of glycogen, maintaining the water balance in the body.

Isoleucine provides muscles with oxygen, and additional nutrition, stimulating their growth. Regulates blood sugar levels. Actively restores damaged muscle fibers, and increases overall endurance. Isoleucine is especially effective during intense physical exertion.

Valine restores the body after physical exertion. Provides muscles with energy, and increases endurance and concentration for the duration of the workout. The amino acid maintains nitrogen balance and regulates serotonin levels.

Vitamins for men

Good nutrition is the basis of a man’s life and provides him with active longevity and maximum adaptation of the body. Diet is a recognized factor in premature aging. 

In the diet of men of any age, vitamins, microelements, and other biologically active nutraceutical components should be presented in optimal quantities. In the elderly and senile age, proper nutrition is a particularly significant factor in managing the risks of developing many diseases.

It would seem that you need to bring the diet back to normal. Calculations have shown that even an ideally formulated diet of 2500 kcal contains a deficiency of most vitamins by at least 20%. Therefore, it is not the fault of the common man.

The reason is the quality of the food itself when modern processing technologies significantly reduce their nutritional value. The variety of products also leaves much to be desired, a monotonous diet from week to week does not give the body everything it needs, and can only lead to the aggravation of nutrient deficiencies.

Testosterone for mass gain

Drugs that increase the level of male sex hormones are sports nutritional supplements. This option of sports nutrition activates the mechanisms for the production of male sex hormones (MPG), which is the strongest anabolic hormone. Increasing his level of production often becomes the main task for a bodybuilder who wants to achieve the maximum result in his sports activities.

This hormone is responsible for the activation of anabolic processes. The presence of it in sufficient quantities is one of the conditions that are necessary for the growth of muscle mass. It is known that muscle growth is a consequence of the predominance of MPG over cortisol. Sports nutrition that increases MPG can be one of two types. The first is steroid drugs, which are taken only by professional athletes and have many side effects. It is impossible to buy such drugs in our store.

The second type of such drug for sports is called non-steroidal drugs. They are completely safe for health. Tribulus and other similar products are made from natural ingredients. As a rule, these include a variety of plant extracts. In addition to the fact that they create an increased level, you can notice other effects of drugs of this type. 

They appear due to increased production of this hormone. These include an increase in sexual libido in men, a noticeable decrease in the layer of subcutaneous fat, as well as an increase in the level of endurance and the ability to concentrate on sports training. An increase in the production of MPG also leads to an increased set of muscle mass.

If you want to achieve more than nature has given you, then you need to influence the level of hormones. Growth hormone and testosterone are responsible for our muscles, and indeed for all health in general.

During exercise, these hormones are released into the bloodstream, which starts the process of protein synthesis. To achieve maximum results and “breakthrough your genetics” and “push back the plateau”, you need to remove the restrictions that the body itself exposes. To transcend the possibilities nature has given you, you can use:

  • SARMs
  • test boosters

The most harmless and simple of these options are test boosters. They allow you to safely increase the level of testosterone in the blood for your hormonal system.

DS and SARMs are heavier artillery that artificially increases testosterone levels and helps maintain muscle even on the toughest cutting!

Sports Serious Mass supplements for gaining muscle mass give an effect in the first place with a proper diet and intense training. In addition, you need to monitor the general regime of the day, fight lack of sleep and allocate enough time for rest.

Peanut butter for mass gain

The protein contained in it contributes to the rapid growth and restoration of muscle mass. Peanuts are a high-calorie product, which is important during intense workouts. In addition to protein, it contains a lot of carbohydrates necessary to maintain a high level of energy.

Bodybuilders need to consume unsaturated fats that strengthen blood vessels and the heart. For every kilogram of body weight, 1 g of fat is required. Peanut butter is 51.3% fat, and 75% of this volume consists of unsaturated fatty acids. Just two tablespoons of the product will provide an athlete weighing 100 kg with a daily norm of healthy fats.

Peanut butter contains a huge amount of substances useful for bodybuilders, including:

  • L-arginine. Expands blood vessels, activating the blood supply to the muscles during exercise.
  • phosphorus. Helps the body produce healthy cells and produce energy.
  • zinc. Essential for protein and testosterone synthesis.
  • vitamin B6. Promotes heart and immune system health.
  • niacin. Improves digestion, and helps produce energy.
  • magnesium. Regulates muscle tone, and synthesizes energy.
  • folic acid. Accelerates cell renewal.
  • iron. Provides muscles with oxygen, increasing endurance.

Daily Rate

The growth of muscle mass should occur without an increase in the volume of adipose tissue. The use of high-calorie foods such as nut butter should be calculated strictly according to daily norms:

  • on training days – 60 g (3 tablespoons);
  • on drying – 40 g (2 tablespoons);
  • on rest days – 40 g.

On days when a visit to the gym is not planned, peanut butter is eaten only until 16.00.

Protein bars for mass gain

First of all, speaking about the composition of this type of sports nutrition, it should be said that it varies greatly depending on the type. They are united by only one thing – completely safe for health and easily digestible components, as well as an affordable price and a convenient form. 

Carbohydrate bars provide a quick boost of energy to keep your body in good shape immediately after workouts and provide the necessary caloric content when it is impossible to balance nutrition.

Protein allows you to replace the use of protein shakes and ensure sufficient saturation of the body with the necessary proteins. Also, protein-carbohydrates have proven themselves very well, especially as a post-workout meal, since it is the combined intake of carbohydrates and proteins immediately after a workout that has a much more beneficial effect.

Carnitine options will help with drying, as well as when doing aerobic sports. The increased content of L-carnitine allows them to perfectly cope with the role of a dietary supplement necessary for weight loss, since L-carnitine simultaneously acts as a fat burner, prevents digestive problems, provides increased stress resistance of the body, and increases the rate of its recovery after exercise. In energy bars, chocolate is replaced with low-calorie icing, so such an energy drink is considered useful.

Familiar with childhood Omega-3

Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are what fish oil is valued for. But now there is no need to swallow a nasty oily liquid – modern technology has made it possible to dress Omega-3 in capsules with a neutral aroma, without an unpleasant taste.

Omega-3 significantly strengthens the immune system. When gaining muscle mass, this is especially true – after all, we mean, among other things, recovery processes. Roughly speaking, the protein and the amino acids contained in it are the “bricks” of our body, while the fatty acids are the “cement”.

In addition, Omega-3 reduces the load on the heart and blood vessels and increases overall endurance and resistance to stress. A lack of unsaturated fatty acids can lead to serious metabolic disorders.

Omega-3s must be taken with other foods, otherwise, they are poorly absorbed and can lead to intestinal upset.

Pre-workout complexes for mass gain

The classic pre-workout complex does not directly affect muscle growth, but mainly on strength indicators. Such additives increase stamina and give energy because they most often contain stimulating substances – caffeine, taurine, and guarana. On the one hand, this is useful, because it allows you to mobilize all the efforts of the body.

But on the other hand, they all load the heart and blood vessels, which is quite harmful, and sometimes even dangerous. In addition, addiction develops to them, and with regular use, it is necessary to increase the dosage. This, to put it mildly, is not good for health.

Meanwhile, new-generation pre-workouts are most often a complex of amino acids and supplements for athletes, including those that increase muscle growth.

The most frequent of them:

Arginine provokes the growth of muscle mass – accelerates the production of testosterone and growth hormone. Due to this, it reduces the level of subcutaneous fat, improves muscle relief, and stimulates pumping. Reduces the level of bad cholesterol, and increases the level of nitric oxide, that is, arginine improves vascular tone. It is a powerful antioxidant and strengthens the immune system.

Beta-alanine increases the intensity of muscle contractions, allowing you to achieve a greater intensity of movement during training. Reduces fatigue, and delays the onset of “muscle failure”. Regulates blood sugar levels, and prevents the breakdown of glycogen. Alanine is indicated for athletes with low blood pressure and hypoglycemia to increase endurance.

Creatine is responsible for supplying muscles with energy and increasing strength during training.

Glutamine promotes the synthesis of other amino acids, thereby participating both in muscle recovery after training and in the construction of new muscle fibers. It has a slightly stimulating effect and gives a charge of vivacity and energy for effective workouts. Strengthens immunity.

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