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Who We Are

AskFitnessTips is a multifaceted digital health company dedicated to helping consumers, business leaders and policy officials make important decisions in their lives. We use world-class data and technology to publish independent reporting, rankings, journalism and advice that has earned the trust of our readers and users. Our platforms on askfitnesstips.com include Education, Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Yoga, Diet and Many More Reviews.

With a goal to give voice to writers around the world who are often marginalized, WNR aims to put these writers at the forefront of an ever-churning global news cycle. On any given day you will find articles that address the Asia Pacific or Middle East regions, as well as articles that address key U.S. policy. The result gives readers an inside track on global conversation. We are searching news in every corner of the world.

Our Team

Azman ALi

Azman is the administrator of askfitnesstips.com and a freelance writer who has been featured in a variety of publications including The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner and Blogtrepreneur.

He’s also the editor of mozusa.com, an online News magazine.

Contact: Outreach.seo.USA@gmail.com

Zulqurnain Awan

Zulqurnain is a self-proclaimed ‘digital entrepreneur’ and has experience with technical, bespoke website development and project planning.

He also studied Electronic Engineering at The University of York.

Contact: zulqurnainseo@gmail.com