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7 Hair Care Tips Every Teen Should Know

When searching for tips to keep hair healthy one can search for different specialists to take advice from. Especially for teens, it is very important to follow a good regimen of hair care. It can help them maintain a healthy habit of keeping their hair in check lifelong. Best hair transplant clinics in India will never recommend hair transplant at an early age, instead, they will suggest taking proper care.

Here are seven hair care tips that can help teens keep their hair healthy, thick, and shiny.

1. Shampoo every day and also condition your hair every day

It is important to keep your scalp and hair clean. Cleanliness can make the scalp healthy. Shampooing the hair daily can help keep the scalp clean and free of unwanted residue. Your scalp is a bowl of dead skin cells. It also gets a lot of accumulated residue from hair products like hair sprays. If you do not have a ritual of washing your hair daily with shampoo then it can cause the dead skin cells and residue to accumulate on the scalp. There is also the secretion of natural oils from the scalp. The dead skin cells and residue from hair care products along with the naturally secreted oils can cause scalp irritation and scalp damage. It is always recommended to shampoo your hair daily and keep it clean and thus keep it healthy.

2. Take a good diet full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals 

A good diet is mandatory for a healthy head of hair. It is crucial to take all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for maintaining a strong, thick, and healthy head of hair. Different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin D, Biotin, fatty acids, etc are crucial for the growth of the hair. A lack of any of these vitamins and minerals can cause many problems in the hair. The hair can become vulnerable to damage, brittle, easily breakable, thin in density, etc. Hair care follicles are made up of proteins. It is important to have a protein-rich diet. Sufficient intake of proteins supplies sufficient raw materials for the build-up of new hair care follicles. 

It is difficult for vegetarians and vegans to get their protein intake. There are meat and dairy-free protein supplements that are available in the market for consumption. Most of these products are plant-based. These supplements can help with the protein intake. One can also find supplements for different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. One can easily procure them from the market for consumption.

3. Avoiding chemicals and harmful products on the hair

Most of the products that we find in the market are contaminated with a lot of chemicals that can prove to be harmful to the hair in the long run. Hair care products like hairspray, hair gels, straightening creams, perming lotions, styling creams, hair colors, hair bleach, etc can cause damage to the hair. These chemicals are harmful to the hair and regular use can cause irreparable damage. They can change the whole structure of the hair follicles and make the hair brittle, easily damaged, and low in density. They can also be a major contributor to hair loss.

4. Hair appliances that use heat

Appliances that use heat to style or dry the hair can fry the hair and cause them to be severely damaged. Frequent use of such appliances can make the hair dry, brittle, and lifeless. They will suck out the moisture from the hair and make the hair look dull and frizzy. It is advisable to use such appliances with the heat level as low as possible. It is also recommended that such appliances be used as less as possible. There are many heat-protectant products available in the market that can protect the hair while appliances that use heat are used on the hair. One should make sure to use them while doing so.

5. Controlling illnesses and diseases that are harmful to the health of the body as well as the hair

Multitudes of diseases and illnesses can cause hair loss and hair damage. It is essential to get the body checked properly and any diagnosed diseases managed with the proper treatments and medications on time. A lot of the diseases cause hair to fall off, get damaged, become brittle, and be vulnerable to trauma. Many medications for different diseases also have side effects that may damage the hair and scalp or cause severe hair loss. Such medications can be identified and substituted with other medications that have lesser side effects. A healthy body is always a key factor to having a healthy head of hair.

6. Using the right kinds of Combs and hair brushes

It is probably one of the most simple things that one can do while taking care of their hair. Using proper Combs and hair brushes can do wonders for the hair. Combs can be used on wet hair. Combs are efficient in detangling hair and also to open up the knots in the hair. Light and gentle strokes will do the trick. One should not use them harshly on the hair. Wooden Combs which are wide-toothed are recommended for use. Plastic Combs or Combs made of other such materials are not to be used. Hair brushes are best for dry hair. They can be used in gentle strokes to brush the hair. The hair should be brushed from the bottom to the top. This will increase blood circulation on the scalp and also evenly distribute the natural oils secreted on the scalp. 

Hair brushes made up of natural products like wood are preferable over plastic, nylon, and other such synthetic materials. It is advisable that whenever one Combs or brushes their hair, it is not overdone. A few gentle strokes are more than necessary. Brushing or combing the hair relentlessly causes hair damage due to friction. Therefore, it should be avoided.

7. Opt for natural treatments for hair and use nature-friendly hair products

Hair care products made of natural products are best to maintain the hair. Instead of going in for products with harsh chemicals, one should opt for milder products with far more benefits. This will help moisturize the hair and keep it soft, supple, and strong. Natural products will also help keep the scalp healthy. They will contribute greatly to the prevention of damage to hair and the scalp. There are multiple hair treatments and hair spas that one can opt for. This will also keep the hair strong and healthy. Deep conditioning and moisturizing the hair can help immensely. The different hair care products that have been made from natural and environment-friendly elements can help keep your hair always healthy and thick.

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